We offer personal consultations to help you support you with your child’s learning and development.

Sessions are carried out online via a video call, which means you can arrange a consultation no matter where you are in the world!

There are many reasons you may want to book a session, with some common topics including:

  • Parents wanting to find out how they can support their child’s learning at home
  • Parents who have concerns about their child’s development
  • Teachers with lots of experience, but who are new to the Early Years
  • Teachers and other professionals preparing for an interview in an Early Years setting
  • Trainee teachers wanting some guidance about the Early Years

Tutorials for children

We now offer tutoring sessions for children! These are limited to a 30 minute session: 20 minutes for your child and 10 minutes for you to chat with the consultant. Please note: the first session will be an opportunity for you and the consultant (as well as your child if they are able to join) to discuss your child’s tuition needs.

Success story


I had a 20-minute consultation with Amy. It was absolutely helpful and joyful at the same time. She easily guided and advised me regarding challenges I have with my 4-year-old. Thank you. Definitely will book another consultation in the near future.


I had an hour-long consultation with Amy to help me prepare for a Reception interview and she was amazing! I had so much questions and was feeling really uncertain, but Amy helped me so much and in the end, I got the job! I’d definitely recommend chatting to her if you have any questions about the Early Years.


Amy gave me tons of support, guidance and tips on how to complete a PGCE Assignment I was struggling with. Amy certainly has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in Early Years/Primary education. During the Consultation, Amy really made me feel at ease and answered all of the questions I had and beyond. She even went out of her way to send me a follow-up email afterwards. I left the Consultation feeling extremely confident and my mind was buzzing full of ideas on how to approach my PGCE assignment.